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Beard & Stache Bars, founded in 2010, started like you might imagine it would in an infomercial. Co Founder Mike Albanese was in the shower one day just a washin' his beard like every other day. The plane ole' shampoo he was using just didn't feel right on his face, so he put a call into his good pal Maryssa who was in the business of making some of the best skin and body products in the land.

So...a number of months, numerous attempts and testing on Mike's beard and face, a few dozen festivals and several years later, Beard & Stache Bars is now a full on line of amazing, all natural men's facial hair and skin care products!

You can buy our full line of products right here on our web store, or at any one of dozens of Whole Foods Markets around the country! We are rapidly expanding stores, so be on the lookout for Beard & Stache Bars in your area Whole Foods...and if your store doesn't carry us, just ask them to!

Founders Mike and Maryssa at a festival in the early days of the company